2023 –  2024 | Grades K – 9

Summer 2023 Camp Registration and Information Now Available!!Boys & Girls Entering Grades K-6th | June 12-September 1, 2023Speed of Play Also Available for Kids Entering Grades 7th to 9thFor kids entering Grades 7-9, see Speed of PlayThe AKA All Sports Camp features a different sport and field trip eachweek to provide the ultimate sports experience. Keep your kids healthyand active this summer and help them make new friends and buildconfidence and self esteem while learning and playing a variety ofsports and games.Days are divided into free play, focused sport play and instruction,lunch time, relax/reading time, and more. The AKA All Sports Campprovides a minimum of six active hours of sport specific training andmulti-sport games led by qualified instructors each day.AKASPORT is open Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm. Drop off is between 7-9amand pickup is between 4-6pm, however you may drop off late or pick upearly as needed with the exception to field trip days. Programs andinstruction are between 9am-4pm.


Information & Registration for AKA Programs